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Friday, 17 February 2012

Launch Party for Martin Cusworth's new novel - "Do You Know Lucy"


Lucy is a young teenage girl who has been thrown out of home after an altercation with her self-obsessed mother.
Along in a rundown rented terrace house she is left to fend for herself.
Lucy has a few things going for her - her youthful beauty, her ability to roll with the punches and a canny survival instinct.
In the end she will need all of these.
Drug dealers, sexual predators and a murderer litter her wake as she uses her wiles to survive in a contemporary Australia where stories liker hers are all too common.
Lucy's story is a snapshot of life in a  modern Australia city set against the backdrop of an uplifting love story.

Launch Party
Thursday 1st March
7pm onwards
$15 per person on entry includes wine and cheese
Full cash bar available

Carilley Estate Winery
Hyem Road, Herne Hill

28th February
08 9274 8797 or

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